Berkeley Vale Pre-school is a community based pre-school, funded by Department of Education and Communities on a term basis. This funding combined with your fee payments, assists with the general running costs of the centre and staff salaries. Berkeley Vale Pre-school Kindergarten Inc. is a non-profit organisation and we aim to keep fees as low as possible.

The pre-school is managed by a Management Committee and is a necessary and much valued part of the pre-school. The Management Committee works on a voluntary basis to organise and distribute the pre-school’s funds.



All parent/guardians are members of Berkeley Vale Pre-school Kindergarten Inc. Association and are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting that is held in March each year. At this meeting the Management Committee is elected to be responsible for the general management and financing of the service. Regular general meetings and parent/guardian evenings are held, to which parent/guardians and interested persons are most welcome. You are invited to join the committee and if you are interested in becoming a member please see the Nominated Supervisor or Committee Member at the beginning of the school year.



Parent/Guardians or Grandparents are encouraged to be involved in the pre-school in a number of ways, apart from being on the Management Committee. We have a Volunteer Roster which provides an opportunity for parents/guardians or grandparents to spend a morning at pre-school, assisting the children and educators in many enjoyable ways. During the year the committee organise fund raising activities which is another way to be involved in the pre-school. We also have an open door policy which means parents/guardians are always welcome to spend time at pre-school. We encourage parental/guardian involvement and participation with the pre-school program. We hope you will feel as welcome as your children are.

A Community Based Pre-school benefits from parent/guardian involvement.

Your ideas and suggestions help the centre provide your children with

a quality educational environment.



Throughout the coming year we will be having a number of fundraising ventures. We look forward to your help and support in these activities.

The children’s photographs will be taken during the year. These are always beautiful and provide you and your family with lasting memories of his/her year at pre-school.