Policies and procedures are provided to help ensure you have a successful transition and experience at pre-school. Our policies are reviewed annually and created in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations. A significant proportion of our policies are aligned with the 7 Quality Areas of the National Quality Framework.

All policies and procedures are available to our families via our OWNA online platform once enrolled.


Berkeley Vale Pre-school Kindergarten is committed to continuous improvement and under the National Quality Framework, all Early Childhood education and care services are assessed and rated against the following 7 Quality Areas.

  • Quality Area 1 – Educational Program
  • Quality Area 2 – Health and Safety
  • Quality Area 3 – Physical Environment
  • Quality Area 4 – Staffing Arrangements
  • Quality Area 5 – Relationships with Children
  • Quality Area 6 – Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities
  • Quality Area 7 – Leadership and Service Management

The National Regulations require approved services to have a Quality Improvement Plan.
The aim of a Quality Improvement Plan is to help providers self-assess and document their strengths and performance in delivering quality education and care, as well as recognising and planning future improvements. Berkeley Vale Pre-school will maintain and review annually their Quality Improvement Plan involving educators, children, families and the community in the self-assessment process.

For further information related to Department of Education and Communities, resources and parenting support you may wish to access the following websites:-