Our professional educators are responsible for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program for each individual child. Our very dedicated and talented team work collaboratively in all aspects of their work and the program, which results in a quality pre-school program for your children.

Our Pre-school Staff…

Colleen Templeton Early Childhood Educator – Nominated Supervisor/Educational Leader
Sonja Denniss Early Childhood Educator
Gemma Burke Early Childhood Educator
Karen Grant Early Childhood Educator
Lea Johnson Diploma Trained Educator
Jess Bardsley Diploma Trained Educator
Lisa Ogilvie Diploma Trained Educator
Kristy Moore Diploma Trained Educator
Lyn Piefke Diploma Trained Educator
Trish O’Hagan Certificate III Trained Educator
Vickie Perry Certificate III Trained Educator
Dervla Kay Certificate III Trained Educator
Imogen Gentle Trainee 2020/2021
Amy Leckie Administration Officer

Casual Staff:

Occasionally pre-school staff are absent due to illness or training courses. We are very fortunate to have experienced casual staff who know the routine well and are much loved by the children. Our staff/child ratio exceeds National Regulations (frequently higher than required).