Enrolment/Orientation Process

Parents are encouraged to place their child on our waiting list. A waitlist application can be completed on-line via the link here.

The Department of Education and Communities determines our priority of access guidelines. This means that priority of access is given to:

  • Children who are at least 4 years old on or before the 31 July in that preschool year and not yet in compulsory schooling.
  • Children who are at least 3 years old on or before 31 July and from a disadvantaged background (ie from a family holding a low income Health Care Card and/or is Aboriginal)
  • Children with English as a second language (ESL).
  • Children with disabilities.
  • Children who are at risk of significant harm (from a child protection perspective)

In all other circumstances, priority of access will be given to children in order on the waiting list, and in each instance a position will not be offered until the child has reached their 3rd birthday. This is on the condition a position is available.

Once your child has been offered a position at our pre-school, we will email you details on when our thorough orientation will occur and any documentation that will be required.


Enrolment & Orientation

To ensure that each parent is familiar with the correct enrolment procedures and operations of the pre-school.


  • An appointment/orientation session will be held for families enrolling their child into pre-school, at which time a tour of the pre-school will be given.
  • An enrolment form must be filled out and returned by the parent/guardian prior to the child commencing pre-school.
  • Immunisation documents must be provided on enrolment. A copy of one or more of the following documents will be accepted:
    • Immunisation History Statement which can be obtained at one of the following:
      • Medicare or Centrelink Office
      • Contacting 1800 653 809
    • An ACIR Immunisation Exemption – Medical Contraindication Form certified by an immunisation provider.
    • An ACIR Immunisation Exemption – Conscientious Objection Form certified by an immunisation provider and a parent/guardian.

    Berkeley Vale Pre-school is unable to accept your child without this information.

  • A Birth Certificate must be presented at enrolment. (A copy will be kept for our records).
  • Operational aspects of the pre-school will be explained in detail at this time and an information and policy booklet provided to each parent.
  • At the time of enrolment each family will be required to pay:
  • A registration fee (see registration fee policy).
  • A holding fee equivalent to 2 weeks fees which will be held against any subsequent fees/arrears that may accrue during the school year. These monies will be credited toward the fees payable for the last 2 weeks of attendance.
  • Enrolment of a child will not be accepted if there are outstanding fees for another member of the immediate family.
  • Upon enrolment your child will be placed in either the Rainbow or Dolphin room. Any changes to enrolment and room placement are at the discretion of the Nominated Supervisor.
  • It is a parent’s responsibility to inform the pre-school of changes in their contact details as soon as practical.